Dear all
Thank you for visiting our website.
We are really sorry to inform you that we have to cancel all the Kagoshima Fish Market Tours planned in March due to COVID-19.

Currently we have not decided yet whether we are going to hold the tours in April or not, and we are willing to be flexible on this matter.

Again, please let us apologize to you for our being unable to offer it. We know you must have been excited to join our wonderful tour around the market.
We really appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

All the lead members of Kagoshima Fish Market Tour.

Kagoshima Fish Market Tour

6:45 – 8:00 a.m., every Saturday, from March to November

 【About the Kagoshima Fish Market】

The Kagoshima Fish Market is the 7th oldest in Japan.

Kagoshima extends 600km from its southern most islands to its northern tip. This

is why various kinds of fish can be found in our waters!… And in our market!


【About the Tour】

This tour began in collaboration with 7 small local hotels in 2010.
Thanks to great support from local people, we have welcomed a lot of people from all over the world since then.
Normally you cannot see how people work in Kagoshima Fish Market.
Let’s get up a little earlier than usual and feel it on this occasion.

【Tour Schedule】

6:45 Meet at the Kagoshima Fish Market entrance.

7:00 Tour starts! Walk and look around the fish market.

8:00 Tour finishes!


☆Because the floor of the market is wet and slippery, we recommend that you wear suitable shoes that are ok to get wet.
Waterproof boots can be borrowed for free.

【Tour Fee】

General Admission:  Adults ¥2000 / Children ¥1000

Guests Staying at “Partnering Hotels”: Adults ¥500 / Children ¥0(FREE)

※About partnering hotels, please see below.
※Breakfast is not included!



There is no public transportation to the fish market. So, please take a taxi or drive your car, or walk!

< Time required >

From Kagoshima Central Station:  About 15 min by car(By taxi it costs around 1000 yen)

From Tenmonkan area:  About 5~10 min by car / About 20~30 min on foot (By taxi it costs less than 1000 yen)



【Market Restaurant Breakfast】 (extra charge)

There are restaurants inside the fish market giving you the option to taste the freshest seafood breakfast

after your tour has finished. Set meals cost around ¥800~¥1500, and you don’t need a reservation.


During the tour, the organizer urges you to follow these rules.
If any of these rules are violated, the tour might be canceled. We really appreciate your cooperation.

1. Be careful not to disturb the people working at the market; especially do not get in the way of workers or carts.

2. Stay within the group. Do not go off on your own.

3. Watch the auctions from a distance and take directions from your guide.

4. Do not touch any of the seafood; however you can take photos.

5. If you don’t want to have your pictures posted on social media please let us know.

6. You have to wear designated caps and waterproof boots inside the market. Please bring a pair of socks with you.



【Partnering Hotels】

◼Aqua Garden Hotel FUKUMARU

Along Minato-odori Park with Sakurajima view.
◼Green Guest House
Amami, Yaku and Tanegashima…
Home to those who travel the sea road.
◼Sakurajima Seaside Hotel
All room have ocean view.
There is a natural hot spring outdoor bath with a spectacular view.
Book from here
◼Business Hotel Tenmonkan
A home-like hotel in Tenmonkan.

◼Hotel Kamoike Plaza

Just front of “Kamoike” tram stop.
Pet hotel is on 1F.
◼Hotel New Nishino
Natural hot spring in the middle of Tenmonkan.
◼Hotel & Residence Nanshukan
For business to romance♡



Apply for the tour!

Each course has a maximum number of participants, so please book as early as possible.

Please check the calendar below for booking.


Can I participate with children?

Yes you can.
However, because a lot of people work in the market and there are many vehicles moving around, we would like you to watch your children carefully.
Please act on your own responsibility.


■What kind of clothes should I wear?

In the market, water might splash or there will be a slippery place.
We recommend you to wear clothes that are ok to get wet.


■Can I borrow waterproof boots?

Yes you can.
We have a wide range of sizes, but depending on the situation at that time your desired size is not available.


■I’d like to eat breakfast after the tour, but do I need a reservation?

No, you don’t need a reservation.
Reservation is not necessary.


■Is there a parking lot?

Please park on the street in front of the main gate of the fish market.
Your guide staff in an orange jacket will be at the gate, so please follow them.
If you plan to have lunch at one of the restaurants in the market, you can park inside the market after 10 a.m..


■When I leave, are there taxis near the market?

We will call taxi, so please feel free to ask the staff.


■How long does it take from the market to Sakurajima Ferry Terminal?

It takes 30 minutes on foot and 10 minutes by car.



Organised by


GSE Nansatsu Tourism
Kagoshima Ryokan Hotel Association junior
Kagoshima fish Market Tour Executive Committee